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Did you know...

that by the time they are just three years old, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats are suffering from dental disease?

Health starts in the mouth.

Dental care is one of the most important components of your pet’s health care plan. Dental disease is a serious condition that has far reaching implications extending way beyond your pet's mouth. Teeth and gums provide a direct pathway to the rest of your pet's body via the blood stream. When infection develops in the mouth, it quickly moves throughout the entire body creating systemic issues such as increased risk for heart disease. At Fire Mountain Vet we are passionate about preserving your pet's health and longevity by providing comprehensive dental care throughout your pet's entire life. 

Signs & Symptoms of Dental Disease

  • Discoloration on teeth;
    a dark grey/tan color

  • Red, inflamed gums

  • Dropping food

  • Refusal to eat

  • Excessive drooling

  • Facial swelling, around the
    or the eyes

  • Cracked or fractured teeth

  • Foul odor from the mouth

  • Sensitivity to face being touched

  • Pulp (nerve) exposure

  • None! Many patients do not have obvious symptoms, even when severe dental disease is present. X-rays, a crucial component of quality dental care, show us what's happening beneath the gumline.

Stages of Dental Disease

Dental disease is graded on a scale of 1 (least severe) to 4 (severe)

Mild visible plaque,
signs of gingivitis

Significant plaque and tartar, gingivitis is starting

Heavy plaque and tartar, gingivitis present with gum recession

Grade 2/3

Grade 4

Grade 1

dental disease in dogs.jpg
grade 1 canine dental disease.JPG

All of our team members have received extensive training in dental health and are well equipped to provide your pet with comprehensive dental care across all life stages. Throughout your pet's pediatric stage of life, we provide education and guidance on foundational oral health habits such as teeth brushing. Adopting an oral hygiene routine with your pet early on gets them comfortable with mouth care, making it easier for them to receive dental care down the line.


As your pet enters adulthood, yearly dental cleanings are necessary to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Dental procedures are one of our team's specialties, so you can feel confident bringing your pet to us even for their most extensive dental needs.

Dental Procedures

We recommend that adult dogs and cats receive yearly dental cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup. All of our dental procedures are performed under general anesthesia, for your pet's comfort and in order to achieve highest results. Quality dental cleanings are intricate, take time and require the patient to be completely still. Attempting to perform a dental cleaning without anesthesia would lead to immense stress for your pet as well as an incomplete cleaning.   

Take a look at the results of a Fire Mountain Vet dental cleaning

grade 2/3 dog dental disease.jpg
fire mountain vet dental cleaning.jpg



Benefits You Can See

We take a comprehensive approach to dental procedures, starting with full mouth digital dental radiographs (x-rays) at the beginning of every procedure. Since dental disease is most often located below the gum line, x-rays are necessary to fully evaluate the health of your pet's mouth. X-rays allow us to evaluate the health of each tooth at the root level, eliminating the possibility that a dental concern hiding beneath the gum line goes untreated. When you get your pet a Fire Mountain Vet dental cleaning, you can rest assured nothing will be missed. 

canine dental disease bone loss .JPG

Dental radiographs catch painful conditions hiding beneath the gumline

Screening for the Disease You Can't See

Image 5-1-23 at 5.33 PM.JPG

Bone loss found in all
lower incisors, requiring extraction of teeth

Image 5-1-23 at 5.33 PM 2.JPG

Tooth root abcess

End stage bone loss leading to fracture of mandible (jaw)

Concerned your pet may be suffering from dental disease? We're here to help! Schedule a dental consultation with our team! During your dental consultation we will...

  • Perform a full mouth exam

  • Provide a grading of your pet's dental disease

  • Offer individualized dental care recommendations

  • Outline next steps for your pet's dental cleaning, if applicable

  • Answer all of your questions

  • Schedule your pet's dental cleaning, if applicable 

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