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Image by Joe Caione


Did you know...

when your pet skips just one annual checkup it is the equivalent of you skipping seven years of doctor visits? 

It’s during this passage of time that manageable health concerns progress into life-threatening ailments and disease.

Prevention is the key to a long, healthy life.

Here at Fire Mountain Vet, we believe that by prioritizing preventative medicine we can not only detect illness in its early, manageable stages, but we can actually prevent illness before it even starts! This emphasis on preventative care greatly improves your pet’s quality of life while also reducing the costs associated with extensive disease management care. We pride ourselves on providing individualized wellness care at each of your pet's physical exams, informed by their specific history and tailored to their unique needs.

During adulthood (1-6 years of age) we recommend that dogs and cats be seen for wellness exams at least once per year. Once a pet reaches seven yers of age, they are considered a senior, at which time we recommend they begin having wellness exams every six months. As pets age, things in the body can change quickly and drastically, making it important for more frequent wellness screens. 

Our wellness visits provide:

  • a comprehensive nose to tail physical exam

  • evaluation of all body systems

  • vaccinations tailored to your pet’s specific lifestyle

  • diagnostic screening to look for internal abnormalities not visible to the eye such as metabolic diseases and parasites

  • how-to demos of at home pet care such as ear cleaning, nail trimming, etc.

Our wellness visits are also a great opportunity to address any needs of your pet that stretch beyond the medical. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer all of your pet care questions expanding across all areas of your pet's life, from nutrition to grooming! 


We value building lifelong relationships with our clients and patients and look forward to getting to know both you and your pets during their wellness visits!

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