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Did you know?

Most drug manufacturers do not sell to online pet pharmacies.

This means that online pet pharmacies obtain their products in a ‘black market’ fashion by purchasing their inventory from third parties without regulation. Unfortunately, this impacts the integrity and safety of those products.  

That's why we...

Set up a home delivery service of our own!

Our home delivery service allows you to enjoy the convenience of online ordering without risking your pet's safety. Manufacturers do collaborate with veterinary hospitals, so we are able to source products for our online pharmacy directly from trusted sources. Our home delivery platform offers a wide variety of medications, food, treats and more! When you use our online ordering platform, enjoy free shipping, auto-ship services and on-going promotional deals. 

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Safe & Convenient

Prefer in person pickup?

We offer that, too!

Looking to pickup a refill of your pet's medication, prescription food or other veterinary product? We have an extensive pharmacy within our hospital that enables us to fulfill your refill requests in just minutes! Once we let you know your order is ready, you can pick it up right at our hospital's front desk.  

*Please note: In order to receive prescription items, you must be an existing client and your pet must have an active doctor-patient relationship.

Submit your refill request online via your pet portal or by calling our hospital.



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