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We are accepting new clients!


We can't wait to care for your four legged family members!
Our hospital provides comprehensive veterinary care to dogs and cats, and we would be thrilled to have your pet as a patient. We want every visit to our hospital to be stress free, starting with the very first. 
Let us walk you through how to prepare for a seamless first visit at our hospital.

Preparing for your 1st visit

Previous Health Records

Understanding your pet's past health history plays a vital role in determining their current health needs. Please be sure to have your pet's previous records sent to us at

New Client Paperwork

We want your pet to have as much time with our medical team as possible during their visit! Streamline your pet's appointment by filling out our new client paperwork ahead of time! 


Set Your Pet Up for Success

Going to the vet is stressful for many pets. Follow these tips and tricks to set your pet up for their most fear-free visit yet! 

Tips For Dogs

  1. Make a few "happy visits" to our parking lot prior to your appointment date

  2. Exercise your pet the morning of their appointment to release excess energy and anxiety

  3. Bring your dog hungry, to increase the likelihood they'll want treats

  4. Bring your pet's most favorite treats to their appointment

  5. If your pet does best with a muzzle, bring them with it on 

Tips For Cats

  1. Take out their carrier a few days prior to your visit and make it an inviting, happy place to relax

  2. Spray carrier with calming pheromones called Feliway

  3. Cover your cat's carrier with a towel for the ride and time in lobby

  4. Bring your kitty hungry, to increase the likelihood they'll want treats

  5. Bring your pet's most favorite treats to their appointment

Please Note 

  • Exam fee will be collected as a deposit prior to your first visit

  • Payment for all treatments is due at time of service

  • We accept all major credit cards, care credit & scratch pay

When visiting our hospital...

  • Cats must be in carriers 

  • Dogs must be leashed on a standard 4ft or 6ft leash
    ​  * We ask that yo
    u do not use retractable leashes during your vet visit

  • If your dog is dog reactive, please call us when you arrive and we'll facilitate a private entry for your pooch

Thank you for helping us keep our lobby safe and stress free!

  • What kinds of animals do you treat?
    We provide veterinary services for dogs and cats.
  • What are your hours?
    We are open: Monday through Friday Saturday Sunday
  • Are you accepting new clients?
    Yes! Book your appointment today!
  • Do you provide emergency services?
    Yes, we will see emergencies during our regular business hours. If we encounter a medical need that requires a fully outfitted emergency room, we'll provide your pet triage care and then orchestrate transfer to a trusted 24 hour emergency hospital in the area.
  • Do you do dental cleanings?
    Yes! Dental health is something we are very passionate about and we recommend yearly dental cleanings. Please call us to discuss next steps for scheduling your pet a dental cleaning.
  • What are your current COVID policies?
  • Do you provide overnight boarding?
    Yes! We have a pet hotel right here in our hospital for both dogs and cats. Give us a call to discuss our boarding services - we'd love to host your pet!
  • My dog is very leash reactive. Can you accommodate this?
    Of course. We are sensitive to leash reactivity and are happy to do everything we can to relieve stress and anxiety during your dog's visit to our hospital. Call us from the parking lot and we'll orchestrate a clear path right into an exam room!
  • Do you treat injured wildlife?
    No. We treat companion dogs and cats only. For wildlife support, please direct your inquiry to Project Wildlife, a program of the San Diego Humane Society. Project Wildlife (619) 299-7012 Website
  • Does your hospital accept donations?
    Our hospital always welcomes donations of blankets and towels! We use these items to keep our hospital patients comfy and cozy during their stay with us. For donation of other pet care items, reach out to our rescue partner, SPOT Rescue! Spot Rescue (760) 593 - 7768 Website
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, CareCredit and ScratchPay. All payments are due at time of service.
Image by Pauline Loroy


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