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We are here for you and your pet
from those first hellos, to those final goodbyes.

Our team of compassionate caregivers is here to support you through your pet's end of life care. If you suspect your pet is ready for euthanasia, we recommend booking what we refer to as a quality of life exam. During our quality of life exams, our team will examine your pet and discuss your pet's condition with you to help you identify whether or not it is time to say goodbye. 

When it comes time to say goodbye, our team is able to provide euthanasia services here at our hospital. We have a private, serene comfort room designated for euthanasia services. Your family will have the opportunity to say goodbye in a quiet, peaceful setting by candlelight. We approach every euthanasia appointment with respect and patience, walking you through every step and never rushing the process.

If you feel it may be time to say goodbye to your pet, please call our hospital right away. We are here to support you through this difficult time. 

How to Know When It's Time to Say Goodbye

  • Is your pet in pain that is not well managed with medications?

  • Is your pet unable to eat or drink
    on their own?

  • Is your pet unable to urinate and defecate on their own?

  • Does your pet still seem like themselves?

  • Is your pet unable to still engage in their favorite activities?

  • Are there more bad days than good?

  • Is their quality of life high?

  • Are they interacting with you? Are they hiding or avoiding contact?

Things to think about when considering euthanasia

Aftercare Services

We assist you with your pet's aftercare by coordinating with a trusted company providing pet cremation services. We've collaborated with this particular company for years and have the utmost faith in their service. You will have the option to elect private or communal cremation. 


Private Cremation allows you to receive your pet's ashes back in a thoughtful keepsake urn. You will have the opportunity to select your choice of urn, as well as order additional keepsake items such as a paw print. When you select private cremation, the company performs the cremation process individually, ensuring your pet is returned back to you. 

Communal Cremation does not allow you to receive your pet's ashes back. When you select communal cremation, the company performs the cremation process in a communal fashion with other deceased pets. The communal ashes are spread over the ocean. 

Client Experiences

I am very thankful for this vet. They gave us a room and allowed us to grieve as we had to put our Buddy down. When they delivered the news of cancer to us, they were very professional and caring. This is the best vet clinic Buddy ever visited.Thank you for your care and love to us and our pet.

- Kimberly G.
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