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Did you know...

that many common diseases that plague our pets including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, pancreatitis, heartworm disease and lyme disease all require diagnostic blood work to detect and diagnose?  

There's more to health than what meets the eye

Internal medicine refers to the facet of veterinary medicine revolved around diagnosing and treating injury or disease. Many ailments that affect our pets hide beneath the surface of the skin and cannot be detected on physical exam alone, requiring diagnostic testing to detect and identify. Diagnostics such as blood work and x-rays allow us to delve beneath the surface and determine exactly what is occurring inside your pet’s body, leading to accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans.    

We are proud to be on the cutting edge of veterinary medicine with the broad range of diagnostic services we offer here at our hospital. Should your pet become sick or injured, our skilled team and state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and hospitalization capabilities are ready and waiting to care for your pet.   

Explore Our Diagnostics

Radiology: Also known as x-rays, radiographs are a vital tool in identifying a wide range of health concerns, from bone fractures all the way to heart disease. Our hospital is equipped with digital radiography technology, which allows us to perform rapid, high-quality x-rays on your pet in just minutes. Not only does this provide us with immediate results to share with you during your visit, it also expedites the time your pet has to spend on the x-ray table, providing a more comfortable experience.

Pharmacy: Once our team has made a diagnosis and finalized a treatment plan with you, oftentimes medication will be prescribed to treat your pet's identified health concern. Our in-house, fully-stocked pharmacy allows us to send your pet home with the medications they need right then and there. No waiting, no added stops.

Specialty: Occasionally pets require advanced diagnostics, such as an abdominal ultrasound or an endoscopy procedure, that require a specialist. Whenever possible we coordinate those specialty diagnostics to occur right here at our hospital, so that you and your pet are able to receive care in a consistent, familiar environment. Keeping these specialty diagnostics in-house at our hospital also circumvents the often long wait times associated with referral hospitals, connecting you to answers quickly.

Hospitalization: In some situations, your pet may experience a severe health concern that requires hospitalization. During hospitalization we are able to provide constant medical monitoring, and provide on-going treatments such as IV fluids or injections of medications, utilizing specialized equipment. Our spacious treatment area is fully outfitted with clean, safe and comfortable kennel space to allow for direct supervision from our entire team throughout your pet’s hospitalized stay with us.

Laboratory: Our expansive in-house laboratory contains state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform a variety of tests in just minutes, which means your pet is able to go home with treatment same day. Our in-house testing capabilities are able to detect a variety of illnesses including but not limited to, ear infections, urinary tract infections, pancreatitis, kidney failure, liver disease, heartworm disease, tick borne illnesses, skin concerns such as mange, and metabolic abnormalities such as diabetes and thyroid disease. For advanced diagnostics and uncommon disease identification, we partner with a well renowned reference laboratory who provides us with results in as little as 24 hours.

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