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Prescription Drugs


Life-saving medications in minutes

When you're told that your pet needs a medication, we understand that there is immense comfort in being able to start those medications immediately, without the hassle of having to make a separate stop at an outside pharmacy. Especially when you have a sick pet in the car!

That's why we have a fully stocked pharmacy right here at our hospital outfitted with the majority of medications your pet could need.

We are able to prescribe and fill your pet's prescriptions immediately during visits so you can leave our hospital with their medications in hand. On the rare occasion a patient needs an obscure medication we do not carry, our team works with our trusted compounding pharmacy to coordinate the order and delivery of that medication at no additional cost to you. 

Not familiar with a medication your pet has been prescribed? Not to worry. Our skilled team of veterinary technicians are available for how-to demos that walk you through how to administer the medication your pet had been prescribed. Demos include but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes injections

  • Oral Medication Pilling 

  • Subcutaneous fluids

  • Topical applications

  • Ear cleaning

Need a Refill?

*Please note: In order to receive prescription items, you must be an existing client and your pet must have an active doctor-patient relationship.

Pick Up 

Looking to pickup a refill of your pet's medication, prescription food or other veterinary product? We are happy to fulfill refill requests! Refills can be submitted online via your pet portal or by calling our hospital. Once filled, your order can be picked up right at our hospital's front desk. 





Our home delivery platform offers a wide variety of medications, food, treats and more! When you use our online ordering platform, enjoy free shipping, auto-ship services and on-going promotional deals. 

Home Delivery

Refill Request
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